Mayor Pro Tem

Performs duties of the Mayor in case of absence or incapacitation of the Mayor. Your Mayor Pro-Tem is Michael Halley.

Jefferson County Service Agency

Represents the City Council on the 28E Agreement Board that oversees the operation of the Jefferson County Law Enforcement Center. Your Jefferson County Service Agency representatives are Katy Anderson and Doug Flournoy.

SEMCO Board Representative

Represents City Council on the Multi-County Landfill Board. Your SEMCO Board representative is Martha Rasmussen.

Fairfield Cultural Alliance

Represents the City on the Fairfield Cultural Alliance Board. Your Cultural Alliance representative is Doug Flournoy.

Agency on Aging Representative

Represents City Council on Senior Citizen Center Board. Your Agency on Aging representative is Daryn Hamilton.

Ambulance Board

Represents City Council on the Ambulance Operation Board. Your Ambulance Board representative is Paul Gandy.

Walton Club Liaison

Liaison between the City council and the Walton Club Board. Your Walton Club Liaison is Tom Thompson.

E-911 Board

Represents to City on the Jefferson County E911 Board. Your E-911 Board representative is Michael Halley.