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Fairfield Public Access TV9 / Fairfield Media Center
Formed in 1993, Fairfield Public Access TV9 (FPAC9) was restructured in 2012 as Fairfield Media Center (FMC). Fairfield Media Center, and Fairfield Public Access Television (FPAC9 on Mediacom and LISCO) are provided by the City of Fairfield as resources for residents of the Fairfield community to express their creativity and opinions in a legal, non-commercial video format. FMC also provides opportunities for local citizens to make use of current technology to exchange information, ideas and artistry through the video medium. FMC promotes media literacy through training in video production, editing, and critical viewing.

FMC makes video equipment available through a partnership with the Fairfield Public Library and has editing facilities and a knowledgeable staff available at FMC Studios, located in the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center. FMC provides FPAC9, a local public access channel with help from cable providers LISCO and Mediacom, to broadcast local video. Contributes are asked only to obey all laws, respect others, and contribute positively towards the common good of the community.

Equipment available for rental includes HD cameras and supplemental equipment made available through FMC and the Fairfield Public Library.

Programming is updated weekly. FMC no longer has the ability to schedule shows due to aged equipment. Programs maybe viewed on demand any time at

Cablecasting service is provided by Mediacom and the Local Internet Service Company (LISCO), which services the Fairfield area.

Jason Strong
Digital Media Coordinator

123 N. Main St., Suite #3
Fairfield, IA 52556

Ph: (641) 469-3225

Monday - Friday
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm  (Please call in advance, if possible)