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City Forms & Info Sheets

Various Permits / Forms / Applications / Information Sheets

General Permit Information
An overview to the kinds of permits available from the City as well as fees for applications, data, and maps.

Agenda Request
Form to address the City Council.

Building / Zoning / Demo Permit
Any additions, garages, decks, pergolas, porches, fences, accessory building, solar panels / arrays, portable sheds, gazebos, etc., or any demolishing of the previously listed.

Board of Adjustment
To appeal a decision of the Zoning Administrator by requesting a special use permit, variance, exception, and / or interpretation to sections of the zoning ordinance.

Bed & Breakfast, Boardinghouses, Rooming Houses & Short-Term Rentals
Lodging houses are permitted in R-2 and R-3 residential districts and B-1 General Business district (not on main floor) when authorized by the Board of Adjustment.

Cigarette Permit

Dog License

Film / Photo / Video Shoot
Application must be applied for any Film / Photo / Video Shoot.

Home Occupation
An occupational profession run by the occupant of the dwelling unit as a secondary use to the dwelling in which it is located.

Liquor & Beer License

Local Option Sales Tax
The City accepts Local Option Sales Tax Community Betterment Projects Applications from December 1st through January 13th. 
Mobile Home Permit

Outdoor Dining 
Specific parameters in which a restaurant or café located in Fairfield's Central Business District may serve food and alcoholic beverages outside of their establishment.            

Peddler, Solicitor & Transient Merchants

To sell goods in the City of Fairfield.

Planning & Zoning Commission

Rental Housing
All rental housing must be registered at City Hall.

Sewer Connections

Sign Permits

Tree / Shrub / Plants / Flowers
Certain regulations pertain to any planting made in the City Right-of-Way.
Water Taps
For fees, please contact City Hall.