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Permits & Fees
Building / Zoning / Demo Permit
This is needed for any additions, garages, decks, pergolas, porches, fences, accessory buildings, portable sheds, gazebos, etc., or any demolishment of the same.

Bed & Breakfast, Boarding House & Rooming House
Lodging houses are permitted in R-2 and R-3 residential districts when authorized by the Board of Adjustment.

Home Occupation
A home occupation occurs when an occupational profession is run by the occupant of the dwelling unit as a secondary use to the dwelling in which it is located.

Mobile Home Permit

Planning & Zoning Commission

Board of Adjustment
To appeal a decision of the Zoning Administrator by requesting a special use permit, variance, exception, and / or interpretation to sections of the zoning ordinance.

Rental Housing
All rental housing must be registered at City Hall.

Sign Permits