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City Administrator
The City Administrator is responsible for coordinating city resources and personnel to provide necessary services to the citizens of the community and to administer policies as adopted by the elected officials of the City of Fairfield.

The Administrator reports to the Mayor and the City Council.  Some of the duties and functions of the Administrator include coordinating the overall management of the city by developing and recommending policies, plans and projects to the City Council for consideration, and coordinating activities and communications between departments.  S/he also assists the City Council in developing an annual budget by coordinating the collection of departmental information relating to capital improvements, staffing and facilities; coordinating budget review meetings and public meetings.  S/he also resolves complaints, problems or concerns with city services, programs or policies by meeting with the public to clarify concerns and coordinate city efforts to correct the situation.

Phone: (641)472-6193     FAX: (641)472-0698      Email

Mike Harmon is Fairfield’s fourth city administrator and started in February of 2015. Born and raised in Fairfield and a Fairfield High School graduate, Mike earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics with an emphasis in business analysis from the University of Northern Iowa. He then moved to South Dakota where he gained valuable experience in state government, law enforcement, and municipal administration. During his time in South Dakota, Mike earned a Master’s degree in public administration with a state and local government emphasis from the University of South Dakota. In his free time he enjoys spending time with family and friends, outdoor activities, and traveling. Mike is thankful for the opportunity to return to his hometown and help make a difference in the community.