Snow Removal


  • The schedule for sanding or plowing varies from storm to storm. Our hours are usually from a starting time of 5:00 am to a quitting time around 10:00 pm.
  • Once we get started sanding we can usually have the entire town done in four hours.
  • Once we get started plowing we can usually have the entire town done in six hours.
  • The square is usually picked up the night after a snowstorm. The start time depends on the amount of snow that we received. We like to have it picked it up before 6:00 am before the traffic gets too heavy.
    • Reminder: There is no parking on the square or a block off of the square during snow emergencies. This is very helpful to the city crew in getting the snow picked up more quickly.


Effective snow removal on city streets is a cooperative effort of both city crews and the citizens of Fairfield. The city depends on individuals to remove the snow berms from in front of their driveways and cars so as to make the streets safer to travel. Individuals are required to place their shoveled or plowed snow on their own property and not in the city street. Please be kind to your neighbor and keep the snow out from in front of all fire hydrants.

Alleys are not plowed as part of the city plow routes.