The City

Our Shared Vision: Fairfield Within 10 Years

 Fairfield will be a vibrant community and economic force, blending its rich heritage and small-town qualities with the diversity, cultural richness, and economic opportunities of a thriving city.

Fairfield - The Best of All Worlds

  • We value beautification, increasing community pride and creating an appealing community.
  • We value cultural richness, arts, and recreation, enriching our lives by creating and sustaining a high quality of life and a wide variety of activities for all.
  • We value economic strength and vitality as a foundation for sustaining and growing our population, developing jobs and opportunities through diverse economic activities that create a better quality of life for all.
  • We value education, nurturing growth, and achievement for all.
  • We value harmony and respect, fostering a shared sense of community among a varied and diverse population.
  • We value the preservation of small-town life for its simplicity, security, and sense of community.
  • We value our natural environment, sustaining us and enriching our lives.
  • We value our unique identity and reputation, fostering civic pride and providing a consistent means of promoting our community.

From the Community-Wide Strategic Plan (PDF), Fairfield, Iowa. 2003