Solar Panel / Array Installation


Solar installation may be allowed on roofs of structures without the need for a permit as long as it does not exceed the height limitations regulated by the Fairfield Municipal Code.

To install a free-standing array, you will need to obtain a building/zoning permit (PDF). Typically applications will be approved within 3 days after the completed application has been filed with City Hall. A completed application shall include owner, owner's address, telephone number, contractor's name, contractor's address, cost of materials, building use, zone, building address, lot, block, addition, lot size & area, class of work, set back measurements for an accessory structure and a detailed drawing of the proposed structure, including all distances to all existing structures and all lot lines. Fees (PDF) are dependent upon the cost of materials for the project.

There are no inspections by the City of Fairfield; however, solar panels/arrays must follow the regulations stated in Fairfield Municipal Code 20.12.030:

20.12.030 Accessory buildings and uses: Accessory uses and buildings shall be compatible with the principal use and shall not be established prior to the establishment of the principal use or building without the approval of the board of adjustment. 

  1. No accessory building shall be erected or altered at, or moved to a location within six feet of, the nearest wall of the principal building, nor within the front or side yard areas as defined in this title. 
  2. Accessory buildings shall not be located closer than six feet from the rear lot line and three feet from the side lot lines.
  3. Accessory buildings shall be limited to fifteen feet in height (ground to plate).
  4. Accessory buildings may not occupy more than thirty percent of the rear yard. (Ord. 645 ' 5(C), 1982).